Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wanting to eat and drink healthier this year?  Try one of our fruit smoothies-- they're made with real fruit and each smoothie gives you at least one full serving of fruit for your day.  If you want to make it even better for you, ask for it with orange juice instead of water and you'll get at least two servings of fruit in each smoothie!

Or try one of our new Healthy Harvest muffins-- a blend of grains and carrots sweetened with molasses, apples and raisins.  We call it our Miracle Muffin because it's good for yet it actually tastes delicious (seriously!).

For your lattes, mochas, etc., we now also offer almond milk as a dairy or diet substitute.  Almond milk has 50% less calories than skim milk while still giving you calcium, vitamin A, and zero trans fats.

If none of that is for you, remember drinking black coffee gives you more antioxidants than most teas, is calorie free, helps prevent all kinds of diseases and increases your daily productivity!


  1. I should mention that we bake those delicious muffins fresh every day!

  2. A menu so i can have a ideal what i want and how much before i come in